Revista Playboy coloca Samanaú entre as cinco melhores cachaças do Brasil

O empresário Dadá Costa vibra com o sucesso de sua Cachaça Samanaú, que a cada dia só cresce no conceito. 

A Revista Playboy deste mês de abril colocou a Samanaú entre as cinco melhores das 6.500 cachaças existentes no Brasil. 

A avaliação foi feita pelo especialista Marcelo Câmara e está na página 25 da revista de circulação nacional. 

É de Caicó para o Mundo.

Fonte: Heitor Gregório

World’s Second Best Cachaça of 2012

NYISC HeaderOn October 21, 2012 the Silver Samanaú Cachaça, originating in the city of Caicó,  located in the Sertão of the Seridó region, 280 kilometers from Natal, the capital of Rio Grande do Norte State, ranked as the world’s second best cachaça in the New York International Spirits Competition (NYISC), the largest spirits competition in the world. The competition, which takes place annually, brings together the best international cachaça distillers. The jury was composed of retail store owners, restaurant and bar owners, distributors and importers. Samanaú cachaça won the bronze medal.

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2009 ABIGRAF AWARD – Labels and adhesive stickers

Category: Special effects labels

Awarded: Aged Samanaú Cachaça Label

The event is promoted by ABIGRAF – MG under the technical coordination of the Brazilian Association of Graphic Technology (ABTG); the award was presented on July 4, 2009. The awards were divided into 42 categories which, in turn, are separated into eight segments.


Critical Assessment by Marcelo Câmara

The cachaça expert, devotee and taster Marcelo Câmara is the first and only professional cachaça taster in the country. He is the creator of sensory guidelines and criteria for tasting the national spirit of Brazil, author of the books Cachaça – Brazilian Pleasure (Mauad, 2004), the first book for current or potential consumers, and Cachaças – Drinking and Learning – A practical Tasting Guide (Mauad, 2006), the first book in the world on cachaça tasting and the first to deal exclusively with the sensory aspects of this Brazilian drink.


2008 Chico Mendes Socioenvironmental Award

Its mission is to reveal to the country, by means of a large-scale event, examples of conflict solution between development, social justice and environmental balance. This important event is considered the largest socioenvironmental fair in Brazil!

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