The city of Caicó, located in the Sertão of the Seridó region,  280 kilometers from Natal, the capital of Rio Grande do Norte State (RN), is known for the rich culture of its people, their faith and religiosity, unparalleled flavor of its cuisine, artistic diversity and agropastoral activities.

In 1994, with the construction of the Passagem das Traíras Dam, perpetuating the Seridó, River, sugarcane was raised with the idea of transforming it into cachaça.

Vidalvo Dadá Costa was the first to accept the challenge and in 2004 set up an artisanal still on Samanaú Farm where he produced Samanaú cachaça.

Samanaú, according to the historian Luís da Câmara Cascudo, originates from “camana-u”, which means hill or elevation, hence Samanaú Hills. The hills, covered with black-striped rocks, today called São Bernardo, gave birth to the name of this genuinely artisanal cachaça which took its place in the tradition and culture of the Seridó.

The Samanaú still is located in the municipality of Caicó, RN. The main access to the still is via highway 288, 14 km from Caicó in the direction of São Jose do Seridó, or 15 Km from Caicó by highway 427, in the direction of Jardim do Seridó.


Handcrafted Still

Sugar cane: The sugar cane produced on Seridó region has an increased amount of sacarosis, due to great solar exposure and the high day and night temperature differences. Milling: After harvesting, the fresh sugar cane is milled in a maximum 24-hour period. The sugar cane broth is filtered and decanted and then, taken to fermentation.

Fermentation: The fermantation process of Cachaça Samanaú occurs without the use of chemical addittives, on inox pans, at the temperature of 29°C, in a weathered room, due to the regions high temperatures.Distilling: Cachaça Samanaú is obtained from the fermented broth distilled in copper stills, using only the very “core” of the sugar cane, discarded its “head” and its “tail”.

Aging: Cachaça Samanaú’s aging is done in cinnamon and oak tree barrels, improving its sensorial quality.Bottling process: Cachaça Samanaú is available on it’s Aged and Silver versions, in glass bottles of 50, 160 and 500 ml, with a 40% vol. of alcohol.


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